Daiwa Winter Pairs

Daiwa Winter Pairs

New for 2018 we have a Daiwa backed Winter Pairs event, which is taking place on the 10th and 11th December 2018.

Thanks to extremely generous backing from Daiwa, we are able to offer the following, based on a full turnout and full entry to the £20 daily superpool:

Overall Pairs Payout:
1st £6,000 Daiwa Voucher +£1,000 cash
2nd £3,000 Daiwa Voucher +£800 cash
3rd £2,000 Daiwa Voucher +£700 cash
4th £1,500 Daiwa Voucher +£600 cash
5th £600 cash
6th £500 cash
7th £400 cash
8th £300 cash
9th £250 cash
10th £150 cash

Plus £60 to the winner of each 8 peg section each day, and a £45 Hydrolastic bundle.

Daily individual superpool payout:
1st £700
2nd £500
3rd £400

The format is very simple. A two day event with two rotations, decided on section points. Each partner will fish each rotation, meaning in effect each angler will fish a different lake each day.

Entry is direct through the team at Tunnel Barn Farm, and full payment of £300 per pair is required to secure your place.

To book on, call the fishery on: 01926 842188 or email admin@tbftackle.com.